Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minimus Fever still hitting

*waves into dark..
Hello peeps!

Yes I know I know.. I know I've abandoned this space for a long time.
I do feel bad about that but to prove my sincerity, here's an entry for all of you :)

I was really tied up with other million things that requires my attention that's why I did not have the time to blog :(
Within a blink of the eye, its already end September! *horrified
and maybe when I open my eyes again I will see Christmas trees everywhere.
OK not funny, but how time flies..

NB topic now..
The Minimus heat is still ON! Its featured on CLIVE September in conjunction with the Mount. Kinabalu International Climbathon that New Balance is part of the sponsors. The event will be held in October and I look forward to the beautiful East Malaysia ! :)

And this is from the New Balance website. The Minimus 10 was launched in 3 category, on the NB website, Minimus Zero will be launched in 4, adding a new category which is cross-training.

And in order to bring a good minimalist shoe for all of you, our NB Team even had Anton Krupicka & Kyle Skaggs to run on a treadmill and had his running motions captured & studied.
Read more here.

If you are a minimalist runner, this shoe is for you!
You can get it at all our stores.


"Caution: This product increases the strain on the foot, calf, and Achilles tendon. Overuse of this product or use of activities outside of running and walking may increase the risk of sustaining injury.

We recommend that if you were to buy this product, you should be introduced slowly into a running routine. You should use these shoes for only 10-20% of your usual running workout and gradually increase your workout/training time and distance..

Happy Thursday & the weekend is soon !
Have a great day ahead dear readers.

Cheers !

Friday, August 5, 2011

LGHT + RGHT = Barefoot Running ?

Its official !
Yes, the Minimus..
the shoe that everyone raved about even before its launched in Malaysia.

And so, a little introduction on the shoes..
Minimus is a barefoot-inspired shoe that is lightweight, versatile, minimalist footwear designed to provide a "better than barefoot" experience.

A three shoe collection, NB Minimus will include road running, trail running, and wellness styles.

Key to the NB Minimus Collection is a new anatomically correct last designed with significantly less drop from heel to forefoot. Research shows that the tendency for mid-foot or forefoot strike is correlated to midsole thickness and that less cushioning encourages a mid-foot strike. As a result, each NB Minimus shoe was engineered with a lower sole unit heights. The reduced midsole and outsole thickness also allows the foot to flex up and down more easily.

The Minimus Trail Collection..

The Minimus Running & Minimus Wellness..

And part of the range to share...

Trail - Men's
Trail - Women's

Tech sheet..

Running - Men's

Running - Women's

Wellness - Men's

And here's some reviews from the internet.

NB Minimus is available at all New Balance boutiques & N-Concept Stores and retails at RM 299.00.


"Caution: This product increases the strain on the foot, calf, and Achilles tendon. Overuse of this product or use of activities outside of running and walking may increase the risk of sustaining injury.

We recommend that if you were to buy this product, you should be introduced slowly into a running routine. You should use these shoes for only 10-20% of your usual running workout and gradually increase your workout/training time and distance..

Enjoy your shoe!

Have a great weekend.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneaker Freaker yo!

Eh, see what I found online?

A "Will & Kate" New Balance kicks !
So cute..

and after you're done adoring the cute kicks for the prince & her highness,

I'm sure most sneakerheads have heard of this mini-sized magazine that talks all about sneakers.
And I personally love this magazine a lot because it is very interesting and you can see all sorts of kicks in many colors & designs.

And most importantly, we are featured in Sneaker Freaker.

Thanks to Emma who help post this link on our Facebook page.

Sneaker Freaker is available in certain bookstores, I'm not too sure if all bookstores carry them.

Anyway, I wish everyone a happy Monday !

Friday, July 15, 2011

List of shop addresses - Updated

Click to enlarge.

New Balance @ Fahrenheit88 - Photos

Hello Friday, so glad you're here and thanks for bringing the weekend to us :p
How have you guys been?
We have been busy, as usual and so many projects..

Have you guys been running?
Oh ! I saw quite a few pairs of Rainbow 870 at the NTV7 Feel Good Run
and a looooooooot of REVlite 890 ! In many color ways.
That's good news and I feel ecstatic to see so many people wearing them..

where you can find the latest updates of products and especially event photos.

Click below link to our FB page to view these photos:-

There are part 1 & part 2 for each album and feel free to browse through them.

remember to "Like" us to get more updates!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend peeps!

*just an 'extra' update, Admiral's first futsal & basketball tournament,
the Admiral Cup is this Sunday, at SunTec City, Penang. Feel free to drop by if you're there !

Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebs & NB

Taboo from Black Eye Peas says Yo !
& his choice from The NB Fierce Trax Collection.

TGIF !!!

Hehe.. aren't you excited that the weekend is here again ?
And obviously I am !!

What's your plan for the weekend ?
Anyone participating in the NTV7 Feel Good Run this Sunday ?
See you there if you're going !

NB will be running a booth for fit test and there will be some promotion going on.
Do drop by and check out !


Back to NB News..

NB launched the Fierce Trax Collection in the states some time last year..
(i know its back-dated but I'm sure there are people who still haven't seen these pictures)

The display..

Kevin McHale from GLEE used the shoe as a mic..

Analynne McCord trying on a pair of 910..

Chaske Spencer loves his NB kicks so much he didn't wanna let go..

This is hottie Kym Johnson at a New Balance event,
and she's wearing a pair from the range. Cools !



(Source taken from here.)

Dancing With The Stars cuties Kym Johnson (above) and Cheryl Burke (not pictured) picked up the same cheetah-inspired sneakers from New Balance Fierce Trax Collection – and both were overheard saying that they’d be perfect for training for the next season of the hit show!

We will attest – there are no better running shoes than New Balance!

And Billy Bush helping Kate Walsh in picking out a pair from the range..
Alright, that's all for today. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend and I'll see you at the NTV7 FGR !

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Introducing The 1770 with REVlite

We have a new release !

Introducing the REVlite 1770.

The New Balance 1770 is built for the runner who over-pronates that is looking for a plush fit and feel when on the road. With superior cushioning units in the heel and an innovative midsole material, the 1770 deliovers a smooth ride from heel-to-toe. A no-sew upper provides an irritation free environment for ultimate comfort.

From featherweight REVlite cushioning to a no-sew welded upper, the 1770 is packed with cutting-edge technologies. N-ergy shock absorption extends beyond the crash pad into the midfoot to accomodate not only traditional heel strike runners, but also those who land on the midfoot. The performance-fit upper hugs the foot but is forgiving enough for most foot shapes, and modified Stabilicore medial support mildly stabilizes the gait so even light overpronators can sport this neutral-cushioning shoe.

Highlights & features :-
- Synthetic/Mesh upper provides lightweight comfort and support.
- Welded seams, a no-sew material application, reduce weight and prevent chafing.
- Removable full-length insert ofABZORB® cushioning provides added comfort.
- Stabilicore® medial support system provides an extremely smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.
- N-ergy® provides NB's most advanced shock absorption and cushioning.
- Blown Rubber Forefoot for lightweight cushioning.
- Innovative REVlite midsole provides premium responsiveness and durability at a 30% lighter weight than other foams with comparable performance.
- Ndurance® rubber compound for maximum outsole durability.
ABZORB® Strobel Board runs full length of shoe to maximize shock absorption and comfort.

* N-ergy - A resilient engineered elastomer designed to provide shock absorption and responsiveness for the optimal ride. Designed in multiple configurations to deliver unique consumer benefits

Videos for share !

..and a video to explain N-ergy if you have no idea what it is..
(scroll to the bottom after clicking on link)

The 1770 will be available at :-
NB, fahrenheit88
NB, The Gardens Mid Valley
NB, BB Plaza
NB, 1 Utama
Running Concept, Subang Parade
N-Concept, Sunway Pyramid New Phase
N-Concept, Bukit Indah
N-Concept, Sabah KKWS

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Balance in Initial D


Hiiii... :D
How are you guys doing? I hope all of you are doing great !

I'm sure you all are familiar with this...

or....this !

Yes, Initial D !
Guys love it, they wish they could drift like that & own a hot ride like that;
Girls long over the hot guys that drive a va-va-voom racing cars..
So I'm sure this cartoon or movie is no stranger to anyone..


Did you know that we have something to do in this comic / cartoon / movie ?
Some may have noticed and has been questioning but some may not realized yet.

New Balance has its appearance in this comic / cartoon / movie.

The main character, Takumi Fujiwara 藤原拓海 wears the 576 sneakers a lot.
Below are some screenshots that I managed to print-screen.

This is the cartoon version.

..and this is from the movie, Jay Chou's feet.

and this website :

it was stated that :

"New Balance shoes and clothing line are also very commonly used in the series as the characters always wear different clothing everyday. This was not so common in earlier Stages, but is more apparently seen in much later Stages."

Happy Tuesday NB fans !